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The ICEF Public Schools Athletic Department has been participating in competitive sports since 1996, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, and Football. In this short period of time, our coaching staff has been able to accomplish great things with our young athletes. Under the leadership of ICEF’s Athletic Director, Robert Ambers.

More important than winning games are the character lessons the athletes gain in the process. Mr. Ambers, a former player under famed football coach Eddie Robinson, strives to create a culture within each team of sportsmanship, leadership and respect.

The ICEF athletic department was recently rewarded for the time and effort they have put into the character building lessons for their athletes. In the spring of 2008, they were honored with the award for Outstanding Sportsmanship and Leadership and Pursuing Victory with Honor from the LA City Council for Character Counts in partnership with the CIF Los Angeles City Section. They were chosen for this award out of 105 other schools in the Los Angeles area.
ICEF Innovation prepares their young scholars for participating in competitive sports through PE training in soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball and rugby.